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<center><b>Police Angel’s  Dog, <br>Esse</b></center>

Police Angel’s Dog,

Woof, my name is Esmerelda but I’m known as Esse. My dad got my mom’s interest when he came up with the idea for a Trade Mark for mom’s books. He was speaking my mom’s language, she said, “Yes! And I could name the three books the Police Angel series. The books are all about the Police Angel’s adventures.” That started their love.  Then his follow-up idea to have Tee Shirts and Hats with mom’s logo! He was a shoo-in to win her love.  Yep, 11 months later they were married, and my new dad is part of mom’s writing cabal.

Mom is happy with dad’s ideas and offers a hat and shirt to all that write her a good review.  Contact her on this website.

cats Paw PNG

PS you could send me a treat or two for all my work. WOOF! WOOF and lickies!

<center><b>My Mom & Dad</b></center>

My Mom & Dad


Hat: $30.00
(includes shipping & handling)

Color :


Tee Shirt: $25.00
(includes shipping & handling)

Color / Size :


The back of ALL Police Angel tee shirts will have the angel wings.