About Barbara

wDjhWa1Barbara Loos is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with degrees in advertising and fashion merchandising. She attended the University of Michigan, studying foreign languages. Her studies led to a short career in the retail clothing industry, working as a buyer for a large Midwestern retail company. This short career unlocked the world of travel to her. Building on her travels and buyer’s experiences, Barbara created six companies, including an advertising agency and a jewelry design business.

Reared in a dysfunctional family in South Carolina Barbara learned from her youthful experiences to take responsibility, and use ingenuity; skills which helped her to become adept at planning and adapting to changing situations. With the tenacity of a "wolverine" she worked hard to become a successful entrepreneur.

She has lived in several foreign countries, including China, Ukraine, Egypt, and Austria. In Hong Kong, she was the regional manager of an Italian import/export business that featured Murano Glass jewelry and watches. Barbara designed a watch and its unique packaging sold by the company. She was responsible for opening the company’s way into Japan and was instrumental in procuring the company a position on Japan’s QVC television program.

While living in Ukraine, she successfully promoted several Ukrainian artists, earning them the recognition they deserved. Barbara was able to promote the art and artists in US galleries. Also local art shows for the many foreigners working in the Slavutich UA. This included donated Ceramic Folk art from the Carpathian Mountain Region to Cleveland, Ohio’s Ukrainian Museum Archives. A plaque hangs among the ceramic telling her story of life in Ukraine.

Living in developing countries Barbara was active in helping others and began some charity works that continued among the women whose husbands were still on the project after she left. When she returned to live in the US she continued her work in established charities.

Now taking on a role as an author, she writes about her experiences, adventures, the social life one leads, and the dangerous life one hopes not to repeat. Her books explore the issues associated with dysfunctional family’s impact on a person’s perceptions and changing those perceptions into a positive view on life.

Barbara has started a blog where individuals coming from dysfunctional families may discuss their problems. Go to www.LeslieLotton.com

Hobbies and interest:

Painting with acrylic and collecting art

Sculpting in clay

Traveling to visit her many friends all over the world

Horseback riding

Soccer-watching only

Playing with her dog

Always looking to find new interests in life.